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DATE POSTED2015-05-30 22:21:33
TITLEMemories of the 390th Bomb Group 42nd Bomb sq.
POSTED BYJames Fassinger
COMMENTSI have all my Dad's memories and his books on the 13th Air Force, 390th Bomb Group. so if anyone would like me to send them information on the group contact me at orangeslice1211@yahoo.com

DATE POSTED2015-03-19 01:50:00
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DATE POSTED2014-07-15 11:14:17
TITLEWorld War 2 history of World War 2 Veterans
COMMENTSI have been collecting and documenting the history of our World War II Veterans since 1998. I currently have over 360 veterans from all branches and ranks, in my ???private library???. I have always been interested in World War II and what better way to learn this is to talk to the men and women who lived it. It is my way of keeping their memories and stories alive. For every World War II Veteran we loose, a piece of history is gone forever. I believe that it should be told to someone who is willing to take the time to document their story. For the men and women, who served during World War II, they all have a great story to tell, whether they were in combat or sitting behind a desk. They answered the call to duty in a time when more the half the world was at war. When it is my time to pass on, all this information will be placed in the General Patton Museum in Chiriaco Summit, CA so that future generations will know what these men and women went through. One day, all of our Veterans from World War II, will have passed on and so will their stories. Peter Minix Former Marine Sgt. Indio, CA

DATE POSTED2014-06-18 19:59:48
TITLECo pilot
POSTED BYRoss Pascall
COMMENTSPlease let me know of anyone alive from the 390th bomb group, 570 bomb squad b Co piloted the Bomboogie! I'm alive and we'll!

DATE POSTED2014-06-18 17:05:21
POSTED BYRoss Pascall
COMMENTS570th 390th bomb group

DATE POSTED2014-05-13 16:20:09
TITLESon of Carl Fassinger, Intelligence Officer
POSTED BYJames Fassinger
COMMENTSI forgot he was with 13th Air Force, Jungle Army Air Force New Guinea and he was the Intelligence Officer.

DATE POSTED2014-05-13 15:48:53
TITLEVetran Viet Nam
POSTED BYJames Fassinger
COMMENTSMy dad was with the 390th Bomb Group 42 nd Bomb Squadron as Intelligence Officer and I have a message for the Group. He passed away Dec 13, 2012 in Sacramento, Calif. and buried in Penn. I have his Books on the Group and the Squadron along with photo's of the Original Heavenly Body and the rest of the planes.

DATE POSTED2014-03-27 12:03:09
TITLEMis Behavin - John S. Massa
POSTED BYJohn S. Massa
COMMENTSMy dad, Manfred C. Massa (1915-2003), named me for his brother, T/Sgt John Samuel Massa (Serial# 13131407), radio operator on the B-17F "Mis Behavin" (Aircraft Serial#: 23415; 390th Bomb Group; 571 Bomb Squadron: Pilot: George Starnes-Serial#:0-798042), KIA over Munster on Oct 10, 1943; 1515 (3:15pm) on the Munster raid. A German rocket fired by Major Karl Boehm-Tettleback, commander of ZG/26 (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zerst%C3%B6rergeschwader_26), hit B-17 "Miss Fortune" (Aircraft Serial#:23328; Pilot: Wade Hampton Sneed), which then pitched up into "Mis Behavin" destroying both planes. Both planes were based in Framlingham, England, known as "Station 153". This specific encounter is meticulously described from the point of view of the American flyers, the German fighter pilots, and the German ground anti-aircraft crew, in the book THE MUNSTER RAID: BEFORE AND AFTER (1999; Ian L. Hawkins) pages 160 - 163. ownpetard@yahoo.com

DATE POSTED2013-12-04 04:27:46
TITLE2 Lt Eino E. Jarvi
POSTED BYToon van Kaam
COMMENTSWith great honour i have got the privilege to take care of the grave from the veteran Jarvi Eino E, a navigator from a B-17 who is killed in action 31-12-1944 on the raid to Hamburg Germany, He was serving with the 569 Sq/ 390 Bomb Gp Heavy. The location of the veteran is in the Belgium ardennes at Neuville Condroz, Plot D, Row 38, grave 17. I try to get all the information from himself and trying to contact his family in the states so that they know there is taken care about 2 Lt. Jarvi , and all the information and photographs what is available from his Sq and bomb group, for a dossier. We will take care of his grave for the next 10 years and if possible for a longer time, they may never be forgotten and it is our duty to pas it trough for the next generations. Maybe someone can help me further with searching for any information ?. Kind regards Toon van Kaam, ( the Netherlands )

DATE POSTED2013-11-26 03:20:51
POSTED BYToon van Kaam
COMMENTSDear Members, I adopted the grave from 2e Lieutenant Eino E. Jarvi, he was killed in action at the Hamburg raid 31 december 1944. My wife, my son and myself wil take the care of his for the next 10 years and if possible longer so that he wil be forgotten and to pas it trough to the next generation. We are looking for all the information we can find, and if possible contact with his family. Kind regards, Toon van Kaam ( Netherlands ).

DATE POSTED2013-09-02 17:47:39
POSTED BYJohn Curnes
COMMENTSHello Everyone, I am searching for pictures of my grandfather George Curnes. Co-pilot 571st. Finished 35 missions March to October of 44. I am wondering when you can find officer portraits. I know that all officers had enlistment and officer photos taken, I do not know where his would be. jmcurnes@gmail.com

DATE POSTED2013-08-03 06:21:59
TITLEInfo on uncle
COMMENTSMy uncle was Barclay Grant he was an officer in the maintenance dept. I have a picture of him standing next to B17 "Buckshot Annie".I believe he was with the 570BS.

DATE POSTED2013-06-07 06:37:47
TITLELt Robert Wade Biesecker
POSTED BYAndrew Wade Seidel
COMMENTSDoes anyone know my grandfather Lt Robert Biesecker. Pilot, 571st bomber squadron, 390th. Died March 18th 1944, shot down.

DATE POSTED2013-05-23 09:25:22
TITLEMy Dad - John A. Rose from Peoria
COMMENTSI grew up listening to Dad's stories. He hand-carved a model of his plane and used pieces of the Mae West for seat covers and plexiglass chips for the ports. He was probably called "Johnny" by his friends, was married, and from Peoria, Illinois. He was a comparatively small man and light. He flew as tail-gunner and armament specialist. He is still around but frail. He is my main hero, and I would love to find out more info about his squadron, crew and the plane(s). His stories and raising led me to a career in the Air Force, he's a great guy.

DATE POSTED2013-05-21 12:02:01
TITLELittle Moron crew 3/18/1945
POSTED BYjeremyb
COMMENTSMy grandfather Eugene Burlingame was a tailgunner in the Little Moron #337564 which was shot down on March 18th 1945 on a mission bombing Berlin. My grandfather died a few years ago. Thanks

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