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DATE POSTED2012-12-04 20:46:11
TITLEHarold J. Erickson
POSTED BYSkyler Altieri
COMMENTSHarold was my grandfather. He was the pilot of a B-17 in which he usually called "Patches". I am looking for more information about his flight crew and if anyone is still around. I am also looking for a book that was written by George Jahnke who was also in my grandfathers crew. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

DATE POSTED2012-11-19 15:40:03
POSTED BYSharon Waldron
COMMENTSMarion Edward Laird,Crew 47 Engineer?Top Turret Gunner, Passed away November 17, 2012. Obituary (http://moultrieobserver.com/obituaries/x1332332960/Marion Edward Laird) sunshinegrangran@aol.com

DATE POSTED2012-11-08 09:55:35
POSTED BYCharles Penick
COMMENTSHelping S/Sgt Bob Homrich

DATE POSTED2012-11-08 07:13:36
TITLEHow do I contact you to correct incorrect information?
POSTED BYbtcarter

DATE POSTED2012-09-23 20:41:48
TITLEColonel, USAF Retired
POSTED BYEllis B. McClintick
COMMENTSFlew combat Tour as a B-17 Navigator during the period March to October 1944. I flew with the Leroy Holmberg Crew, the Clifton Brown Crew and the M. O. Hedrick crew. On June 4, 1944, on my last mission with the Holmberg Crew, we experieced a fire in the cockpit and had to bail out of "I'll Be Around". B-17 #892.

DATE POSTED2012-07-06 17:00:32
TITLEBombardier-DR Navigator B24,$66 Bomb Group
POSTED BYLaurence R Gulick. Major, USAF Ret.
COMMENTS30 TOUGH missions.

DATE POSTED2012-07-05 08:37:22
POSTED BYLaurence R, Gulick
COMMENTSMombardier.DR Navigator 466 Bomb Group

DATE POSTED2012-07-05 08:14:47
POSTED BYLaurence R, Gulick
COMMENTS466 Bomb Group, Attlebridge, England, 30 misssions

DATE POSTED2012-04-04 18:43:29
TITLELooking for crew members of my father
POSTED BYJoseph Obermaier
COMMENTSI am looking for crew members (and their family members) that flew with my father, Joseph Obermaier, Pilot, 390thBG, 569th, crew 47. He never talked about the war and died in 1983. I have met two crew members at various reunions. They have told me bits and pieces about my father, which I am forever grateful. However, one of them passed away a few years ago. I'm sure (and hope) there are other crew members still alive out there. The next 390th reunion is September 2012 in St. Louis. I urge all of you to go. It might be the last one. Many thanks

DATE POSTED2012-03-02 13:27:03
TITLEUncle Al's only mission.
POSTED BYrcrowther
COMMENTSMy Uncle Al (SSgt Albert C. Widman) was one of the radio instructors for the 390 BG at Framlingham in the summer of 1943. When the regular radio operator for B-17 229991 got deathly sick with the flu, they grabbed Uncle Al for his first and only mission. Two ME-109s ripped their B-17 up and the whole crew bailed and wound up as POWs. Uncle Al was interned at Stalog Luft 17 until they were liberated in late spring of 1945. He sated in the Army for 26 years, rising to the rank of Command Sgt Major. He died in November 2010 at age 93.

DATE POSTED2012-01-21 10:07:42
TITLE30 November 1944 Merseberg mission
POSTED BYLoren Douglas Meigide
COMMENTSMy uncle (and namesake) was the pilot of the B-17 'Mis behavin' on that mission over Merseberg. Since getting my hands on the MACRS report a few years ago, I read over and over the harrowing story about keeping the plane aloft after getting 2(3) of the 4 engines knocked out by flak, and several of the crew making it out of the plane. (The account I read said that a 3rd engine was out by the time Lt Meigide gave the order to abandon ship near Kessel.) An amazing story indeed; one of thousands these guys went through that people may never know. I have often wondered whether I could run across any survivors from the crew or their descendants, so I am glad to see Mr. Standard's post here to know there are others like me, who with the help of an organization like the 390th museum can ensure these heroes will not be forgotten. I plan on bringing my Dad, Norman Meigide to the reunion in March. He is Douglas' little brother, now just turned 80. He was 13 when his brothers plane went down, but for most of his life had to just wonder about what really happened, until I was able to get the report. I hope we can find out more, and maybe a way to reach out to others who knew these guys.

DATE POSTED2012-01-07 16:37:18
TITLE30-Nov-44 Merseburg Mission
POSTED BYJoseph Standard
COMMENTSMy father Joseph Standard was the bombardier on the Msbehavin when it was shot down on the Merseburg mission. He told me they took a flak hit which took out two of the engines and the plane started down. The Pilot Douglas Meigide & Co Pilot Pat Condon pulled the plane out of the dive somehow and they started heading back to the west. While they were falling in the dive the pilot told everyone to put on their chutes and my father said that he was bouncing around in the nose so bad that he could hardly get his chest chute on. AFter the pilot and co-pilot pulled the ship out of the dive my father looked down at his chute and relaized that he had put it on upside down so had they had to jump at that time he would have been in one hell of a mess. As they were flying west they were throughing everything that was not tied down out the windows trying to lightin the load but the plane kept losing altitude. The pilot told my dad and the Navigator John Kaufmann to get everyone out of the plane while they were still high enough to bail out. As they were getting closer to the ground there were clouds and the plane went into the clouds so they could not see the ground. All crew members were out of the plane except for my father, John Kaufmann, Pat Condon & Douglas Meigide. Knowing they were very low my father shook hands with John Kaufmann and they said they would see each other on the ground. My father steped out of the plane and pulled his chute at the same time. The chute opened, he swang up and when he swang back down he hit the ground. The Pilot Douglas Meigide, CoPilot Pat Condon and Navigator John Kaufmann never had a chance to get out of the plane as it crashed. Before my dad got his chute off the local Germans ran up and caught him and a officer came up and kicked my father in the ass. My father tried his best to hit the officer but a couple of other Germans stopped him. He told me he figures had the other soldiers had not stopped him the officer would have very likely shot him on the spot. But as luck would have it they did stop him. He was rejoined with three other memebers of his crew George Hartman (Tail Gunner), Frank Hudson(Eng. & top turret) and Ervin Sabel(waist gunner) and they were sent to a POW camp or camps for the remainder of the war. My father was told by one of the other crew members that Ball Turret gunner Dulanne Gunn's shut never opened and Radio operator Forest Petterson was shot by the Germans after he got on the ground.

DATE POSTED2011-12-29 12:45:06
TITLEGone To Heaven
POSTED BYgwood4848
COMMENTSMy father-in-law, Burt Lewis, told me this story years ago: Burt was a bomb/nav with the 569th BS, and manning the B-17 nose gun enroute to their German target. He was firing at an attacking ME-109 when a bullet or shrapnel penetrated the nose and exploded a fire bottle hanging on the bulkhead right behind him. He said that with the shock of the noise, blast of air, and the exploding fire bottle he was quite disoriented to say the least...however, when the fire bottle blew whatever the white contents of the bottle was, it sprayed all over his goggles and filled the area with white mist/powder...all he could see was white--he was sure that he was in heaven, and thought to himself in those brief seconds..."so this is what heaven looks like".... Burt will be 92 10 March...he still gets around well, has poor hearing, his eye sight has been surgically improved, he's still a gentleman of gentlemen, but unfortunately the last few years have nearly erased his memory of his Air Force career...I'll miss hearing that story from him, but 5 years ago I brought the movie Memphis Belle to him and with my then 16 year old son, his grandson, he was able at that time to bring to life many memories of those horrible missions over Germany...maybe not such a bad thing for him to forget.

DATE POSTED2011-12-09 13:26:54
TITLEEdwin H. Leonard
COMMENTSI am 77 years old and wanting to find out more about my older brother who died on November 30, 1943 when his plane went down in Germany on a mission to Solingen. This website has been helpful.

DATE POSTED2011-12-07 10:56:06
TITLElady velma
POSTED BYeric stoel
COMMENTSWillard W Kast mit crew . 14 marz 1945 Fotoblad ??

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